Protecting people and property

Concrete is a strong and resilient material that can defend us against threats like fire and flooding.  Its resilience has been proven not just through laboratory testing but in real-life circumstances. This provides reassurance about how it will perform to protect people property, and communities in critical situations.

Concrete does not burn, unlike construction materials such as timber that can fuel the spread of fire and emit toxic fumes.

As our climate continues to change, we can rely on concrete to help us build infrastructure, homes and workplaces that are not only safer but more comfortable, now and in the future. This includes safeguarding homeowners and workers from the increasing risks of overheating.

Fighting fire

We don’t want to think about threats like fires in our homes and workplaces, but as individuals and as a society we need to prepare for them.

Case study: Standing the test of time

We step inside Allies and Morrison’s addition to Girton College, Cambridge