Make the switch: save carbon now

Recent updates to the BS 8500 concrete standard mean that there are now more lower carbon options available for use, helping architects and engineers decarbonise buildings and infrastructure.

Changes to concrete ‘recipe’ will help UK construction slash carbon emissions

One of the most significant changes to the traditional ‘recipe’ for making concrete since the 1980s, is set to be introduced in the UK, helping architects and engineers decarbonise the construction of buildings and infrastructure.

Concrete and artificial intelligence: the opportunities and threats

How can AI benefit the construction industry and wider society?

Five ways to boost sustainable construction with MMC

Here are just five ways that concrete MMC is able to deliver benefits for construction

New industrial policy must accelerate net zero

The UK Government has an opportunity to establish new domestic measures to support the net zero transition.

Providing peace of mind in a fire

Building with non-combustible materials means building resilience into the spaces we occupy. While the best protection is always prevention, if a fire does break out, concrete is a reliable material and a low-risk solution that can save lives and property.

Energy security requires heavyweight answers

As a major supplier of local materials for nuclear power plant construction and renewables such as onshore and offshore wind, the UK concrete sector is committed to helping Government and industry boost delivery of clean energy.