MPA to model carbonation of concrete across UK buildings and infrastructure for BEIS

A Government-backed project to calculate and measure the carbon dioxide emissions that are naturally absorbed by concrete is set to commence.

Flood resilience starts at home

Anti-flood measures are an essential part of our response to climate change, not just a topic for winter or for high-risk locations

From roadmap to reality: putting words into net zero action

As COP26 kicks off in Glasgow, Dr Richard Leese discusses how the concrete and cement industry is getting on with converting its roadmap into reality.

Accelerating decarbonisation, protecting jobs

The UK concrete and cement industry is calling on Government to put in place new domestic policy measures to protect UK jobs, provide sector-specific funding for net zero transition and adopt new carbon accounting measures.

Why carbon imports are out of sight and out of mind

Diana Casey explores why construction supply chains must have a greater understanding of where materials come from and their the associated carbon emissions

World first UK hydrogen trials demonstrate pathway to net zero cement

A UK cement kiln has successfully been operated using a net zero fuel as part of a world first demonstration using hydrogen technology.

Competence, Compliance, Collaboration

Dan Daly, Head of Protection Policy and Reform Unit at the National Fire Chiefs Council on why Modern Methods of Construction require greater fire scrutiny